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Words Formed By Clipping

Definition Of Clipping Word:

Some words are formed by clipping a part of a larger word while retaining the meaning of the original word. If the front portion of the word is clipped away it is called front clipping . If the end part of the word is clipped away it is called back clipping . If it is done to both the ends it is called front and back clipping .

62 Clipped Words Used In Sentences

advertisement ad
All company’s spend a lot of money on ads
hamburger burger
Burger does not suit old people
omnibus bus
The tourist bus broke down near Paris
helicopter copter
The copter forces landed in the disturbed areas to stem the communal violence
demonstration demo
BPL company conducted a demo at Paris corner of easy washing
ampere amp
It is an 40 amp bulb
motor bike bike
Ajith had just brought a very expensive bike.
suitcase case
There are bundles of currency notes inside the case.
pressure cooker cooker
Cookers are now available for even $20/-
discotheque disco
Disco is not a part of Italian culture
diskette disc
I saved all the word documents in a Compact disc
gasoline gas
Gas has become an expensive fuel for low income group families.
bridegroom groom
Groom is wanted for a 22 year old Cristian community girl drawing $8000/-PM in an MNC.
gymnasium gym
My uncle goes to the gym early morning.
killogram kilo
Get me a kilo of mangoes.
memorandum memo
The managing director issued a memo to the head clerk.
micro phone mic
This mic doesn’t work properly.
non-vegetarian non-veg
He is a non-veg.
spectacles specs
She cannot read without specs.
storehouse store
Jems works in a store.
fountain pen pen
Pen is mightier than sward
perambulator param
The mother took the child out in a param.
university varsity
London varsity has renovated its auditorium
vegetarian veg
She regularly eats her dinner in a veg mess.
veterinary surgeon vet
I took my cat to the vet.
fascimile Fax
I got a fax copy of the conference notice yesterday.
handkerchief karchief
I have lost my karchief yesterday.
aeroplane plane
Sarah was excited as she was to travel by plane for the first time.
laboratory lab
This college has five labs.
refrigerator fridge
Having firdge is not a luxury but a necessity.
pantaloons pants
The clown at the circus wore a very loose pants.
tubelight tube
The tube of our hall didn’t work from yesterday.
mathematics maths
She is our maths teacher.
centum cent
We have been living in the 21st cent.
bicycle cycle
David presented a cycle to John on his birthday.
alchemist chemist
We have a chemist on the corner of our street.
influenza flu
I was suffering from flu.
examination exam
She is preparing for her exam.
luncheon lunch
I invited my close friends for lunch.
photograph photo
My friend got my photo to keep it with herself.
signature sign
Akbar’s sign is totally illegible.
newscast news
Every day I watch news in the TV.
telephone phone
I contacted him over phone.
mummy mum
Where is your mum?
daddy dad
Where does your dad work?
identity ID
Please, show me your ID.
curiosity curio
We visited a curio shop.
demarcate mark
They marked the boundaries.
tram car tram
We travelled in a tram in London.
public house pub
The couple were found in a local pub.
fanatic fan
He is a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
telephone phone
Our Principal contacted the chief guest over the phone.
taxicab taxi
I hired a taxi to go home.
topbrass brass
The meeting was attended by diplomats and the top military brass.
newsflash flash
We interrupt this programme to bring you a flash.
okay ok
Did the head office ok the proposal?
rehabilitate rehab
Lora saved all her money in order to send her husband for a rehab programme.
popmusic pop
Michael Jackson is the king of pop.
pathway path
The tourist chose the wrong path when they went for sight-seeing.
hitchhike hitch
Can you give me a hitch till Mount Road?
zoological park zoo
The little children love to visit a zoo.


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