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Compound Words

Definition Of Compound Word:

Forming Compound Words : A compound is a unit consisting of two or more base words. Compound words are, for the most part, nouns, adjectives and verbs.

There are different types of compound words in English.

Some Important Compound Words Using (NOUN + VERB)

Noun And Verb List

Noun Verb Compound Word
snow drop snow drop
air dash air dash
tongue slip tongue slip
book mark book mark
time line timeline
monthly pay monthly pay
sun set sunset
show show show show
lay break lay break
tooth ache toothache
tie knot tie knot
root cause root cause
head line headline
ear mark earmark
brow beat browbeat
type write typewrite
back bite backbite
way lay waylay
bus stop bus stop
cloud burst cloud burst
bee sting bee sting
hand shake hand shake
house arrest house arrest
earth quake earth quake
head ache head ache
moon lit moonlit
blood shed blood shed
telephone call telephone call

Some Important Compound Words Using (NOUN + GERUND)

Noun And Gerund List

Noun Gerund Compound Word
cat walking cat walking
air blowing air blowing
white washing white washing
time consuming time consuming
account checking account checking
time serving time serving
ear piercing ear piercing
heart rending heart rending
English training English training
book binding book-binding
day dreaming day dreaming
bread baking bread baking
heart bleeding heart bleeding
account checking account checking
test driving test driving
mind reading mind reading
snow skidding snow skidding
mountain trekking mountain trekking
cross heading cross heading
slow cycling slow cycling
thought provoking thought provoking
bird provoking bird watching
eve teasing eve teasing
freedom loving freedom loving
house cleaning house cleaning

Some Important Compound Words Using (GERUND + NOUN)

Gerund And Noun List

Gerund Noun Compound Word
sleeping room sleeping room
sitting bench sitting bench
resting room resting room
waiting hall waiting hall
cooking gas cooking gas
learning material learning material
driving school driving school
fishing net fishing net
starring hero starring hero
glittering jewels glittering jewels
visiting card visiting card
waiting list waiting list
helping hand helping hand
peeping Tom peeping Tom
blotting paper blotting paper
living room living room
cleaning lady cleaning lady
spinning wheel spinning wheel
steering wheel steering wheel
swimming pool swimming pool
washing machine washing machine
drinking water drinking water
sleeping pill sleeping pill
working day working day
writing desk writing desk
drawing room drawing room
tooking glass tooking glass
stepping stone steppingstone
blotting paper blotting paper
writing desk writing desk
passing cloud passing cloud
spelling book spelling book

Some Important Compound Words Using (NOUN + NOUN)

Noun And Noun List

Noun Noun Compound Word
tax payer taxpayer
head teacher headteacher
money market money market
time table timetable
picture book picture book
field glasses field glasses
engine driver engine driver
crime novel crime novel
black board blackboard
cell phone cellphone
blue whale blue whale
rail road railroad
servant maid servant maid
cricket ball cricket ball
garden flowers garden flowers
family business family business
post card postcard
air ticket air ticket
hand bag handbag
sun light sunlight

Some Important Compound Words Using (NOUN + ADJECTIVE)

Noun And Adjective List

Noun Adjective Compound Word
force full forcefull
care full carefull
bad tempered badtempered
beauty full beautyfull
down ward downward
grate full gratefull
harm less harmless
black gold blackgold
silk soft silksoft
milk white milkwhite
dead slow deadslow
mercy less mercyless
picture perfect pictureperfect
snow white snowwhite
home sick homesick
honey sweet honeysweet
age less ageless
accident prone accidentprone
round about roundabout
red hot redhot

Some Important Compound Words Using (PREPOSITION + NOUN)

Preposition And Noun List

Preposition Noun Compound Word
over bridge overbridge
in box inbox
off day offday
by line by line
under class underclass
out law outlaw
fore thought forethought
fore sight foresight
over coat overcoat
off spring offspring
after noon afternoon
by path bypath
in mate inmate
down fall downfall
in side inside
middle man middleman
down hill downhill
up land upland
top hat tophat

Other Compound Words

good (adj) + for (prep) + anything (n) good for nothing
fall (adj) + from (prep) + grace (n) fall from grace
dance (adj) + upon (prep) + nothing (n) dance upon nothing
experience (v) + of (prep) + meeting (n) experience of meeting
food (n) + for (prep) + thought (n) food for thought
short (adj) + range (verb) shortrange
lang (adj) + awaited (v) longawaited
well (adj) + kept (v) well kept
free (adj) + born(v) freeborn
under (adj) + fed (v) underfed
free (adj) + fall(v) freefall
tell (v) + tale(n) telltale

Compound Word Using in Sentences:

Even a straight walking stick has a crooked end
As the family lost the sole bread winner, they were shocked
The water table in Amazan river basin has gone down
The time table for the examination will be announced next week
The new boss overhauled the existing pattern of work
over heard some abusive remarks but ignored them
You can overcome any challenge in life if you have hope
The earth quake shook the whole of Asia
My school is at a stone’s throw from my home
I hate blood shed even for a holy sacrifice
Food ball lovers often end up in violence
There are many flower plants in my kitchen garden
Tape recorders have become obsolete after the advent of DVD players
Black boards still dominate class room teaching in India
Gandhi’s birth place has become a holy spot now.
A woman is a gateway of souls
Eye sight is God’s gift to us
Drive slowly since your car has air brake
Eve teasing is an offence
Don’t be a devil behind the steering wheel
Education is every one’s birth right in England
Child marriage is an offence
Child-windowhood is a cruel thing
Now a days educated women do not have inferiority complex
Learning is a life-long journey
Education can elevate a low-born child to the highest office in the world
The air-crew was disturbed by a strange signal in the radar
A bird flew overhead
The air-rids did not deter the Japanese from doing their routine work
As the engine driver received all clear signal, he started the train
If weather conditions are conducive, Paris will get more rains
Real estate business is picking up even in small towns
Party leadership decided to ask the controversial minister to resign
Do not with hold your inner desire to give others what they deserve
Some hard-headed people involve in anti-social activities
The chain reaction caused by the atom bomb was horrible
school boy believes that the world goes round him
English speaking people feel at home using computer
New fangled ideas of the youngsters on fashion irritate old people
The landslides threatened the trekkers


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