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Definition Of Phrase Preposition:

The noun phrase which follows the preposition can be called a prepositional complement and the preposition together with its complement is known as a prepositional phrase.

A groups of words used with the force of a single preposition.

Examples Of Phrase Prepositions

Phrase Prepositions List
according to in course of by means of
with the help of in accordance with with reference to
because of in order to instead of
in respect of in place of with regard to
in addition to for the sake of In spite of
at the top of in favour of at the end of
by dint of in consequence of on account of
in front of by the side of in the event of
on account of in case of in want of
along with in need of owing to
in the habit of in search of in the direction of
by virtue of with a view to by way of
with an eye to conformably to along with
in memory of in line with on the part of
in the middle at the risk of at the back of

A phrase Preposition consists of a preposition followed by a prepositional complement. The complement is usually a noun phrase.

1. Preposition + a noun phrase

As usual, her bright smile greeted me at the break fast table

2. Preposition + a noun-clause

She came from what she called a small farm of two hundred acres

3. Preposition + an -ing clause

Ricky tried to shake off his fears by looking at the sky

4. Preposition + an adverb

You can see the station from here

Functions of Phrase Prepositions :

Phrase Prepositions as adverbial
We may need you to do some work in the evening
To my surprise the doctor phoned the next morning
Phrase Prepositions as modifier in a noun phrase
She felt she had no chance of promotion
The noise from the sitting-room was deafening
Phrase Prepositions as verb complement
You mustn’t worry too much about this
Phrase Prepositions as complement of an adjective
I’m terribly bad at dates
Would you be interested in writing an article?

Examples For Inspite  Of.

Inspite of
Inspite of his poor health, he worked hard
Inspite of all his wealth he is not happy
Inspite of all my advice he has done this act
Inspite of his being a mere boy, he offered to fight the gaint
He appeared for the examination inspite of his sickness

Examples For According To.

According to
According to Aristole man is a social animal
He acted according to his father’s advice

Examples For On Account Of.

On account of
On account of his being late, he will be punished
He was forced to resign his job on account of his poor health
School was closed on account of heavy rain

Example Sentences For Phrase Prepositions

The hospital building was constructed in line with the latest trends in society
I received a lot of co-operation in life in favour of my mother
He saved the girl at the risk of his life
He applied for leave because of fever
We were paid a large sum of money owing of our services to the company
We must live with noble ideas in memory of great people
Even in course of crisis Sachin remained unfazed


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