Who we are ?

At onlineexamguide.com, we understand how important the privacy of the user is who visits us on our website. Here, we have mentioned what type of personal data we collect from our users and how we make use of it. Don’t worry we do not sell any of our user’s data to the third parties to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the users

What types of data do we collect from our users?

In order to serve their customers best, we ask very limited information from our users who visits us. We only collect the personal information from our users in order to identify them in person besides asking them about their internet connection and the equipment they are currently using to access the information or services available on our website.

How do we collect the information?

1) We collect the personal information from our users directly when they log in using other social media accounts

2) We also make use of cookies to that collects your information by tracking your equipment, your location, and IP address.

How do we use the information collected from our users?

At onlineexamguide.com , we are more concerned about the privacy of our users and hence we do not sell any of their personal information to third parties.

Also, we make use of Google Analytics that helps us to collect the data about how our users are getting engaged after visiting on our website.

What rights do you hold being a user of https://onlineexamguide.com?

online exam guide allows the following rights to its users-

1. You hold the right to ask any questions anytime related to what personal information do we hold about you

2. The right to ask us to update and correct any of your personal information that we have. We do not charge anything for this

3. You have the right to opt-out yourself of any marketing communications that we may send you

Your agreement related to using our services

Make sure you go through the privacy policy, the user agreement before making use of any of our services. You need to accept our terms and conditions and agree to the terms of our privacy policy. Feel free to exit from this page if you do not wish to accept the guidelines mentioned by us.

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